Angie’s Randoms: My Little Corner of Heaven

Before kids, I had my own room upstairs with the perfect amount of clutter, paper, books, and a desk where I typed many a manuscript. Oh, how I miss that room. It has since been painted in light blue, green, and yellow, carpeted, and currently houses my two little girls and all their stuff. My stuff has been exiled to the dining room, shoved into the corner. It is both a good and a bad spot. Here’s why:

1) Good: It has a relaxing view. I positioned my desk so I can look out the window when I write. I have a good view of the swing set, reminding me that at heart I am playing, and in the spring, the bright yellow buds of a forsythia brushes up against the screen.

2) Bad: Too much traffic. In other words, my kids can find me way too easily. I need a place where I am more difficult to find. That’ll keep ‘em busy for a while, mwhahaha!

3) Good: A constant reminder of my book deal. I printed out the Publisher’s Weekly blurb announcing EVERLASTING’s sale, and taped it on the shelf right next to where my laptop sits. So whenever I get stuck in a scene, and my eyes start to drift, I see the PW blurb right there in front of me, cheering me on.

4) Bad: My cool Pier 1 rug smells like pee. One of the cats did it. And it smells. Especially in the summer humidity. Ick. Just so you know, the Bissel Pet Deodorizer and Cleaner scrub brush thingy doesn’t work.

5) Good: My wooden, four-panel screen. It might block some of the light, but with this sucker up, my “corner of heaven” is hidden from view, as is the clutter, book piles, and the comfy rolling chair my cats have shredded with their vicious claws. Talk about Fangs, Fur, and Fey…




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5 responses to “Angie’s Randoms: My Little Corner of Heaven

  1. I love that you have your PW blurb egging you on. Reminds me to put up my own PW blurb, the one about the book still waiting on my editor’s desk that I feel more and more disturbed about turning in (you definitely start feeling this way at Month 2 after turning it in and even more so–like a constant throb in the back of your heart–at Month 5). I cannot WAIT to revise that darlin’.

    Also, if it’s any consolation, I am always coming into my office with a nice pile of cat puke awaiting me. And sometimes, when I’m really in luck, it’s a trail from the stairs to my chair.


  2. I love the idea of the four-panel screen. Maybe I will talk to my husband about this for when we buy a house. The way housing is here on the Shoreline, we’ll be lucky to find a two bedroom, which doesn’t leave much room for an office *and* eventual children! 😉

  3. Susan, I’m also itching to begin revisions with my editor. And cat puke…how inspirational for you!

    Alana, we have a teeny two-bedroom Cape, too. We have to get creative when it comes to office space and storage 🙂

  4. The view (both out the window, and the PM announcement) sounds great!

    As to the cat pee…Walmart sells this enzyme-based cleaner that is supposed to neutralize pee odors. It’s supposed to work for pets, although my experience with it has been er…with children. It worked really well. I found it in the cleaners section and it had a picture of dogs and cats or something like that on it.

  5. Thanks Olmue, I will try it! Anything to make that stench go away, and not have to throw the rug out!

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