Angie’s Randoms: We Do the Weird Stuff

OK, anyone who has fallen in love with Joss Whedon’s DR. HORRIBLE Sing-Along-Blog as of late knows what the “weird stuff” is, but that’s not the Weird Stuff I’m talking about people. Get your minds out of the gutter! Following Susan’s lead about random writing rituals, I’m going to share the weird stuff I have discovered I do when, well…writing.

1) I bite my nails. I know, not horribly original, or horribly sanitary. But I do. And it’s usually just my index fingers. I find when I get deep into a scene, and some unexpected things start to unfold, my nail shoots right up to my teeth and I can’t stop. You’d think typing would keep my nails down on the keyboard, but I’m magnificent that way.

2) I have to have something to drink right beside me.
In the daytime, it’s a cup of tea or coffee, and at night, it’s a glass of wine. I think I have to have something there to provide an excuse for taking even a two second break from writing.

3) I need to be cut off from modern communication. Internet, phone, radio…everything. If I have access to it, I use it, and then I don’t get anything done.

4) Comfy pants.
I need comfy pants. If I’m not comfy, my mind isn’t comfy, and then the only thing I can think about is how uncomfy I am. The key: Yoga pants.

5) My hair needs to be pulled back.
I keep a black hair elastic on my wrist at all times, and when I sit down to write, it all goes back into a ponytail. It’s not as if I’m going to be typing so furiously, or thinking so deeply, that I’ll actually break out into a sweat…but you never know.




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3 responses to “Angie’s Randoms: We Do the Weird Stuff

  1. Robin


    I was a much better worker bee before I found the joys of the internet… I need a cut off time.

  2. Amanda Marrone

    Oh, the internet–that evil sucker of time that should be spent writing!

    Speaking of evil–I LOVED Dr. Horrible’s blog–except for who they killed off. Joss loves killing off the sweet girls–but hopefully Penny will be back from the dead–ala Buffy and Fred from Angel–in future episodes.

  3. Oh yeah, Dr. Horrible is going to be able to invent a machine to raise the dead! Penny will come back with her own superpower! And yes, the Internet is my biggest foe when it comes to writing. Example: right now. I had been working on an action scene! Needed a break 🙂

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