Robin’s Randoms: Legos, Green Chai Tea, and Sour-Smelling Dogs

Humidity is a problem.  It makes my hair frizzy, my printer paper curl, and the synapses in my brain slow to fire.  That’s my excuse for this very random list of random thoughts.  Some are even about writing.

1) Am I the only one who can’t get going on their WIP until everything is “just so”? I have a little bird and a Lego computer that my son made for me—you know, Robin Bird at the computer—and it has to be sitting the right way before I start.  For sure, sometimes it gets misplaced, or falls down, or I forget about it, but when I remember and it’s not there… Well, that makes me very nervous.

2) Being the mother of a teen doesn’t qualify one to write YA, just as writing YA doesn’t qualify you to be a way cool mom of a teen. ‘Nuf said.

3) When I’m chugging along on my WIP, I drink mug after mug of green chai tea, thus getting more done, thus wanting more and more tea, thus getting more done… Didn’t I read somewhere that green tea is very good for you?

4) I usually have a problem getting into fantasy, which I seemed to have passed on to my son, Forrest, but this summer we are both dipping our toes into the fantasy realm, or near-fantasy realm. I’m reading Wicked Lovely, by Melissa Marr, and Forrest is reading Maximum Ride by James Patterson.  Hey, if those kids have wings, I’m thinking that might not be realistic fiction…

5) I love dogs.
(Even my sour smelling dog—the one that can’t dry because of the humidity.) I think everyone should love dogs and wonder about people who don’t love dogs.  That’s why I’m so disappointed in the reality show, The Greatest American Dog.  This could be such an excellent show and I am soooooo bummed they haven’t made a better effort.  I’m only two episodes in, but still…




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2 responses to “Robin’s Randoms: Legos, Green Chai Tea, and Sour-Smelling Dogs

  1. Amanda Marrone

    I drink green tea all day, too–and my hair frizzes terribly! I can’t wait until fall.

    When our dog was a puppy, we took out with us everywhere to solialize him and every now and again someone would walk right by Griffin and not even comment or say hello. It broke Griffin’s heart because he loves attention and my son dubbed those people robots.

  2. Robin

    I will start a club for frizzy headed dog lovers that drink green tea.

    (Will train potential members…)

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