Random Q&A: Forrest

Forrest MacCready is going into seventh grade.  He wants to write for TV or comic books when he grows up.  His mother thinks this is totally possible.  When he’s not thinking up funny plot lines and jokes, he likes to ride his 4-wheeler, play with his dog Roxy, and hang out with his friends.

1) What were the most memorable books from your early years as a reader?  What made them memorable?

I can’t remember many, but The Magicians Nephew was one of the unforgettable ones, mainly because it was good writing for a fantasy, which was pretty rare because fantasy isn’t a favorite of mine.    Also, Frog and Toad because the humor was great for my age and made me want to read more.  Various Roald Dahl books were good, too.  His humor and quirkiness in the characters was great.

2) What is your favorite genre and your least favorite genre?  Why?

I love Graphic Novels. It’s stupid to call that a genre, but I just love reading them.   I prefer the under the radar novels like Watchmen.   Fantasy would be my major dislike.   I find it hard to comprehend sometimes.  I didn’t get into Harry Potter.  It confuses me that he lives with magic all around him, but he can be vulnerable to certain things.

3) What makes you put a book down?

I don’t put books down, but when the book tests my patience with a character that doesn’t want something or doesn’t have a problem, I lose interest and don’t follow through with finishing it .  A plot I can usually wait for, but characters I need right away.  What I’m trying to say is I care about plots, but I need to know more about the character and his story.

4) What makes you stick with a book?

A good hook at the beginning, and like I said, it has to have a character I can relate to.  I like trying to predict what’s next.  It causes me to read more.

5) You like TV, video games, and movies, as well as books.  Do you think the 2D media affects your reading?

Reading a book is different than watching a movie or playing a video game.  When I read a good book, I get the page ready to turn and I can’t wait to see what happens.  You can’t fast forward movies and have the same effect.   How should parents handle the question of reading vs. 2D media? I think it’s good for parents to try playing games with their kids.  They should do both with their kids, then they can monitor what’s going on if they want.  My mom is kind of like the top on the blender.  If I get too shaky, she comes down on me, but usually I keep myself at a good mix.

Thank you Forrest, and awesome blender analogy! :o)



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2 responses to “Random Q&A: Forrest

  1. Gaga

    Forrest, I love your interview. You’ve been an avid reader since you were a little guy, so your responses were sharp. The mixer analogy is a hoot!

    Do you remember reading, “Tear water Tea,” to us when you were six or seven, and having your grandfather dissolve in tears?

    Love, Gaga

  2. Forrest

    Thank you.
    I think I can remember “Tear Water Tea” To Grampa. I love that silly poem from “Owl at Home”
    by Arnold Lobel. That was one of my favorites when I was 6 years old. Thanks Again, for reading this interview, and reading “Polar Express” to me.

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