Amanda’s Randoms: WIP Woes

I’m not having too much hate for my WIP, Devoured, but that might be because I’m not working on it—ack! It’s due September 30th!

1) Revision Letter: I got a revision letter for a middle grade book at the end of June. I thought the editor’s suggestions where good, and as I only had to revise twenty to forty pages for her, I thought I could whip it off and get back to Devoured. Except it’s summer. And the kids are home. And we went on vacation. And there’s the lawn to mow. I finally finished my revisions and will send it out to my crit group, but I need to get back to Devoured!  My mother is coming next week—she doesn’t like to sit around, she likes to go places, and see things. I’m afraid this trip she’ll mostly be seeing me typing. At least she’ll get one day out to go to NYC with us and see Legally Blonde!

2) Missing Pieces: When I do think about Devoured, I have so many scenes clear in my mind, but it’s the gray areas that are scaring me. When I wrote Revealers those missing pieces that linked the scenes I’d already envisioned magically appeared as I was writing, but what if they don’t this time?

3) RIP: I hate that one of my characters is going to meet an untimely demise. I really, really like her, and I may even cry when it comes time to do the deed.

4) The boyfriend: It’s so easy to write all of the scenes that don’t include the boyfriend—for some reason I still haven’t been able to get in his head like the other characters. Hmmm—maybe he should meet an untimely death.

5) Another Hellish September: Last September when I had to finish Revealers, it was utterly Hellish.
I hate that this September will likely be the same.




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3 responses to “Amanda’s Randoms: WIP Woes

  1. Oh, I am so sorry you have to kill off one of your fave characters. I will be doing the same thing in the next book of my trilogy and I soooooo don’t want to even think about it yet. Good luck, and keep the tissues handy!

  2. Angelica DeCol

    im sorry that you have to kill off one of your characters its so sad.I want to write books when i go into college,and I really like your books! ARC

  3. Amanda Marrone

    I’m sorry I have to do it, too. Good luck with your writing–hope to see your name in print some day!

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