Robin’s Randoms: Off Track, Holding Back, and Hurting the One I Love

My mother always taught me to be nice, so instead of hate, let’s just say I’m annoyed with my WIP, very, very annoyed.  Last week, after I said how much I loved my WIP, things went south.

1) Off track again:  I don’t like the way I keep veering off course lately. Sometimes veering off course means I’m discovering something new about my character or the story arc and I need to pay attention.  Other times veering off course means I’m not paying attention.  Well, I haven’t been paying attention because I’ve been distracted by other things.  Go away, Other Things!

2) Holding back: I don’t like that I can’t write my climactic scene now. I should explain.  I have to hold back writing that part, and even thinking about it in detail, because it would take the punch out it for me.  So it’s in the back of my mind, kind of foggy and blurry until I need it.

3) New job:  My main character just took a new job. Congratulations, to her!  I love that she has a new job, but gee, now I have to go back and rewrite quite a bit.  Untangling references to her old job and inserting new ones is like house cleaning, and if you know me, you know how well that goes…

4) Steep learning curve: This book required some major research into new technology before I could move forward. Not only was the learning curve steep before I could write certain portions, but it changed the structure.

5) It hurts: My main character is going to be hurt very badly and I hate that, even though I know it’s absolutely necessary for the story. I realize that she needs to get more vulnerable so the hurt REALLY hurts.  Man, I’m just not that mean.  Am I?



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