Random Q&A: Ellen and Tom

The following is a dual interview with siblings Ellen, 17, and Tom, 16. Ellen is into soccer, reading, kickboxing, cooking, and sometimes knitting and sewing. Tom is into soccer, watching movies, and playing video games. (A boy who likes video games? Weird). He is currently rebuilding his bicycle.

The following is written up with their mother as stenographer:

1) What book do you read over and over again, and why?

Ellen: Pride and Prejudice because of the storyline – she thinks of herself as Elizabeth Tom: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire because it was fun and exciting. Used to read all the Paulsen adventures over and over. (Hatchet, etc.)

2) What genre do you absolutely love, and which one do you absolutely hate? Why?

Ellen: Romance and Fantasy – because I live vicariously through books Tom: Adventure and Action – because that’s how I want my life to be – Also like biographies

3) Who in your family got you into reading? How did they do it?

Ellen and Tom: Mom – read to us since before we were born, and Grandma (Mom’s mom) because she bought us books all the time

4) How do you pick out a book at the library? The cover? The story? The author’s name?

Ellen: Look at cover and then read the back of the book or inside flap and see if it interests me — but I usually just go straight for the romance section. Also on recommendations of friends. Tom: By genre – go first to music or biography or musical biographies such Bob Marley or Bob Dylan

5) In a perfect book, what would happen?

Ellen: Women have the power — are strong and not fainting all over the place – solve their own problems and can kick some serious butt. Tom: McGyver type ending where they save themselves. Regarding biographies, like to get interesting facts about their personal live

Thanks Ellen and Tom and their mom!


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