Angie’s Randoms: Why I’m Whipped Up by My WIP

1) Revisiting my favorite characters. Since I am currently writing the sequel to my first book, being able to come back to my cast of beloved characters is a joy. I know them so well, and didn’t want to have to say goodbye at the close of the first novel. Yay for sequels!

2) Getting deeper, and darker.
Making things consistently worse for my main characters was not always something I strived for. Now I do. I know the stakes need to go as high as they believably can, and that for this story at hand, the peril needs to get much darker than the first book. Mwhahaha!

3) New things to research. J’adore research. I know. I’m mad. But I do love it, and since I set most of my novels in historical times, it’s a very good thing I do. Historical maps, first hand accounts, dusty old books, PBS and Ken Burns documentaries…stick me in a room with all these (and maybe a margarita or two), and I’ll be crazy happy.

4) I’ve already sold it.
I know, I know, nothing is a done deal when it comes to actual publication, but technically speaking, I did sell it already in the two-book deal. So, every time I sit down to write I think to myself, “Hey! I’m getting paid for this!”

5) The race is on. My own crazy goal is to complete the first draft of this novel before I begin revisions on the first. Then let it sit and breathe before going back to it. So I’m pushing myself to break 1,000 words every day, and I have to say this deadline with myself is much better than a deadline with someone else.



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