Robin’s Randoms: Mushy Over My Manuscript

I have a pattern of absolutely, positively, falling head over heels in love with my fantabulous WIP until something gets in the way of it, like a major flaw I hadn’t seen and don’t want to deal with right then.  But for now, for today, I absolutely, positively, LOVE my WIP.

1) My main character is an amateur photographer. Photography is a hobby I loved, but I set it aside for other things, like a profession in teaching, building a house, motherhood, writing, and gardening.  Now I’m exploring it all again.  It’s like reliving old times and learning new things all at once.  Digital?  Believe it or not, my old Pentax 35 mm was not digital…

2) I love the set-up. The hook is an uncomfortable scene where the main character sees something she shouldn’t be seeing.  Now I have to get her out of the situation, but not make it too easy.

3) I love that the bad guy is being tortured (emotionally) by a teenage girl.   I’m so tired of people being taken advantage of just because they are vulnerable.  My main character will start off that way, but ends up strong.

4) I love exploring touchy topics with shame, denial, and hurt. I don’t know why, but I do.

5) I like that my main character is going to have a blog.
Not too much blog.  It’s not the book, but it’s a portion of the book.  But enough to give it a different dimension.

I love it.  I love her.  I love learning and relearning new things as I go along.  I love my WIP.



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3 responses to “Robin’s Randoms: Mushy Over My Manuscript

  1. Ohhh, shame, denial, and hurt are HUGE topics in my WIP, Robin. I love exploring them too. I think it’s because it adds a layer of honesty, and reality, to a character. Everyone is ashamed of something they have done at one point in their lives, but too often ignore it. The strongest people confront it and deal with it, even if the outcome is harsh.

  2. Amanda Marrone

    Hi Robin,

    I’ve been meaning to email you–I read your book over vacation (I’ve only had it for over a year after we met at the conference in 2007) and LOVED it! I had to peek at the end before I was done. Yes, I know it’s a REALLY bad habit, and more often then not, I don’t end up reading all of the books I peek, but I had to keep reading Buried to see the action unfold before the big reveal!

    Susan’s Black Tuesday arrived today, so as soon as I finish my friend’s book, Split by a Kiss, it’s next on my list.

  3. Robin

    Yeah, gotta love that shame and denial, Angie. And Amanda, you DO NOT KNOW how much I needed to hear that today… It’s one of those days when I think I have no business doing what I do. You know, when you say, “Hey, you’re a stupid-head. What do you think you’re doing at that laptop!”

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