Random Q&A: Elise, Age 12-and-a-half

Elise lives in metropolitan Arizona and is 12-and-a-half years old. Her favorite pastimes are dancing, acting, playing volleyball, and drawing. And swimming. And playing Viva Pinata on XBox 360. Oh, and reading.

1) What book do you read over and over again, and why?

Dealing with Dragons because it’s adventurous, interesting, and it has my favorite theme in it – magic.

2) What genre do you absolutely love, and which one do you absolutely hate? Why?

I love fantasy, especially when it has a happy ending. I also like realistic stories about girls like me because I can feel for them, and I like reading about how other people solve their problems. I hate stories without happy endings, or ones with too much sadness in them because I hate to suddenly feel let down and depressed. I can stay depressed about a sad book for a couple of weeks.

3) Who in your family got you into reading? How did they do it?

My mom did. She made me read a couple of books she thought I’d like and I got hooked. Sometimes we read together if it’s a book I’m not sure about.

4) How do you pick out a book at the library? The cover? The story? The author’s name?

Usually, I read the back of the book or the inside cover for the summary about the book and decide. Sometimes, I choose a book because I like the author’s series and I’m already familiar with the previous stories in the series.

5) In a perfect book, what would happen?

The guy gets the girl, the evil ends, and everyone lives happily ever after. The girl has to be very funny. I like to laugh.

Thanks for stopping by, Elise!


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  1. Robin


    I like what you said about the girl having to be funny. How old were you when your mom read to you, and what books were they?

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