Angie’s Randoms: Great Expectations

I’m a little bit behind your other Randoms hosts in terms of publishing credentials. My first book isn’t due out for another few years, but writing a first book is something everyone who writes—published or unpublished—can relate to.

1) It took me eight years to write Everlasting (and no, I did not spend the whole eight years working on that one novel!). I’m guessing I’m going to have about 8 months to write the second book and send it in to my editor. There’s something about that short time frame that freaks me out of my own skin.

2) I discovered the craft of writing fiction over the last eight years, and every time I learned something new, I brought it back to my “baby” and implemented what I’d learned. This first book is a veritable Frankenstein of craft. Perhaps I shouldn’t be referring to my first book as a monster…

3) No other characters that I have created have affected me the way the ones in Everlasting do. Is this the same for all first book characters? Camille and Oscar are alive to me. I care about them deeply. Sometimes I wonder if I’m a little crazy to have such strong feelings for these made up people. And I also wonder if any other character I ever create will have the power to do the same.

4) I fear reviews. I know bad ones are inevitable. I know not everyone has the same taste in books or the same expectations for writing, but I’m already dreading the reviews that say I am a poor writer or I couldn’t find plot if I searched for it through a telescope.

5) I’m still floored that the biggest children’s book publisher in the world is going to publish my book. Can this really be happening? When I was waiting for the auction of my book to take place, my agent told me to enjoy it, because you only sell your first book once. He was so right. It’s a feeling of wonder and excitement and disbelief that I hope never leaves me.



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  1. Angie,

    No wonder you feel so strongly about Camille and Oscar–think about the ex you’d gone out with for eight years opposed to the ex you’d gone out with eight months. The eight-year guy would’ve definitely left more of an impression on you.

    You’ll fall in love again. I promise… :o)


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