Robin’s Randoms: First Loves and First Books

First book, first love, what’s the difference?  The more I ponder it there’s no difference at all!

1) The passion I felt when I began my first book can only be matched by the passion I felt when I fell in the love with my first boyfriend. I couldn’t sleep, I was possessed, I thought I had the secret to eternal life.  I was simply crazy.  This was the greatest power ever!

2) Continuing the analogy, I was so into my book/boyfriend that I couldn’t see its faults/his faults.
It had no plot/he had no backbone.  It went on far too long with overblown description/I thought my boyfriend was better than any other living sixteen year old male. And also, a story can’t be carried by love scenes/all we had were love scenes.  *sigh*

3) As with this analogy, I tried too hard at both the first book and the first love.
I held onto the boyfriend way too long trying to fix him.  The same with the book. Unfortunately, I sent the book out to editors and agents before it was ready.

And true to life, many first time lovers/writers don’t see what’s in front of them: their book/relationship isn’t ready for marriage/publication.

4) I haven’t touched my first book for three years. I’m embarrassed by it, but I appreciated all that I learned from writing it.  I may go back to it one day because the core of the story still resonates with me.  (I also haven’t touched my boyfriend in three (at least…!) years.

5) Like all relationships, it’s good to know when to say goodbye. With my first book, and first boyfriend, I held on way too long.  Know when it’s over.  And to follow my own advice, I’ll say so long.  I think this analogy is over. 😉



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