Random Q&A: Kelsey

This week, we talk to Kelsey, age 14, from Tempe, Arizona. She loves to dance, cook, sew and, of course, read.

1) What book do you read over and over again, and why?

Anything by Agatha Christie. Because her books engage me, and they are interesting, and everytime you read them, you learn or discover something else. Anything by Brian Jacques. Because he has such good stories and interesting characters. Anything by Tamora Pierce. Because she has interesting, good stories.

2) What genre do you absolutely love, and which one do you absolutely hate?

Fantasy. I love mysteries, too.  Why? So much can happen in fantasy that can’t normally happen in the real world. Mysteries intrigue me.  I’m not a huge romance fan or chick lit fan. They bore me to death.

3) Who in your family got you into reading?

My mom and dad. How did they do it? Mom took me to the library all the time when I was little. Dad read to me every night.

4) How do you pick out a book at the library?

I choose random books and read the back cover blurbs, and if it sounds interesting, I’ll take it home. I also tend to go for thicker books. And if I find a book I really like, I’ll get other books by that author. The cover? After I read the back, I’ll look at the cover, but it’s not that important. The story? It’s all about the story. The author’s name? The author is important to me if I’ve read a good book by the author in the past.

5) In a perfect book, what would happen?

Trolls turning hay into rainbows, girls who get X-ray vision? Tons of action, battles, quests, etc. Little or no romance. And you need to have some comedy.


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  1. I enjoyed this interview Kelsey! I’m also a fan of action and adventure. A girl hero with x-ray vision is so overdue, too 🙂

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