Amanda’s Randoms: From Environmental Waste to Languishing First Books

As I’m heading out for vacation as soon as the laundry is dry and said laundry is packed, this is a truly random post.

1) Why am I incapable of finishing the laundry and packing the day before we leave for a trip? I don’t have an answer, but I am extremely grateful my husband tolerates this annoying quirk of mine—and that he packs his own suitcase.

2) Clifford the Big Red Dog—Is anyone else deeply worried about the environmental impact that dog has on Birdwell Island? If I had to live next door to a creature that surely produces a large amount of poop, I’d be one grouchy neighbor, too! I just hope Emily Elizabeth is not illegally dumping the stuff in the ocean.

3) Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants—I read this book, I even cried, but why didn’t those girls live in those pants? If you take the time to have a ceremony honoring the fact you’ve stumbled upon magical pants, why wouldn’t you wear them all the time? I haven’t read the sequels, but hopefully the girls get a little more use out of said pants.

4) The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane—Was anyone else disturbed that the grandmother was so mad at a china rabbit for not showing enough love she told her granddaughter that scary bed time story about the princess being turned into a boar and then eaten by her parents? I grew up reading Stephen King, but that grandmother gets the Big Baddie prize!

5) First Books—you know the ones you’re supposed to put in a draw and forget about? I refused to let my first novel languish, and over the last ten years I’ve pulled it out and revised it countless times. Well, my agent sent it out, and four days later an editor expressed interest! We’re going to talk about revisions this week—hopefully my cell phone reception will be good in the White Mountains. Fingers crossed.



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