Angie’s Randoms: Why I Write

1) Because I Can’t Not Write. The idea of sitting down and writing a story is just too exciting to ignore, especially when I have a new idea flying around inside my head. To push the act of writing aside is devastating to even consider.

2) Because I Read. And because I love to read, I know what kinds of books I like (and don’t like). I started to write because I wanted to create stories that were all my own, and stories I could read again and again and not get bored with. Why should other people have all the fun writing? I wanted in, too!

3) The Dream of Being Published. After writing stories for my own entertainment, and for my family’s enjoyment, I started to wonder about the rest of the world. Would any people out there want to read my stuff? I got—and still get—the biggest thrill imagining a complete stranger standing in a bookstore and choosing to buy my book.

4) Because I Want To Be Happy.
Think about it. How many people actually get to do what they love, AND get paid for it? The numbers are not overwhelming. Working in an office from 9 to 5 every day, with two weeks vacation each year, is simply not my path to happiness. Call me selfish, or unrealistic, or a dreamer, but I have no plans for settling for ordinary.

5) My Parents. They told me right from the beginning that I could be anything I wanted to be. They never, not once, encouraged me to have a “back-up plan” if becoming a novelist didn’t pan out. They knew it would, and because of their certainty, I knew it would, too. So, I write because they never discouraged my dreams.




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2 responses to “Angie’s Randoms: Why I Write

  1. A-

    A couple of years ago, a report came out listing the most “satisfying jobs.” Number one? Writer.

    I read this on a day I was banging my head over and over again with a particularly impossible scene. I had to disagree with “them” that day.

    But most days I, too, feel like being a writer is a very satisfying job indeed.


  2. Angie, your #4 resonates with me SO much! Yes!!

    That is all. 🙂


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