Robin’s Randoms: Psychedelically Random, Man

Susan’s not the only one feeling a little out-there.  Here are my Total Randoms that explain it all.

1) After school closed, I couldn’t settle into writing until I cleaned off my desk at school, cleaned my bedroom, put away the winter clothes (yeah, I know, it’s June…) and cleaned and organized my office.
My house is still a mess, but my mind is clear.

2) My fantasy job: archaeologist, but only if I don’t have to endure hoursunder the hot sun not finding stuff—the stuff would have to be guaranteed. And my ultra-fantasy job: lead singer in a rock band.  Super-ultra-fantasy job:  Rock and roll archaeologist.

3) I am one of the only people I know that hasn’t read and loved the Harry Potter series. I know, I know!  Most of my students read and loved H.P., so maybe I just don’t need to, right?  I know, I know!  I actually read the first book with my class and enjoyed it, but I didn’t feel compelled to read the others.  I know, I KNOW!

4) As well as not getting how people can write their drafts in longhand, I don’t get how writers can type without looking at the keys. Yup, I’m a pecker.  No, that’s not dirty-talk.  Get your head out of the gutter!  I just happen to be a child of the ‘70’s.  In those days, typing class was thought of as sexist, so I never took it.

5) And finally, here’s a secret on that same ‘70’s vibe, man:  I went to a hippie school for part of my high school years.
These days it would be called alternative.  It was a K-12 school with maybe 30-40 kids.  It was a series of geodesic domes attached in a long caterpillar shape where we read, and wrote, and discussed what we read and wrote.  Very, very cool.  I even got to design my own high school diploma.  It is a tree reaching for the sun with deep roots in the earth.



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