Susan’s Randoms: The Randomest Randoms that Ever Randomed

This week, The 5 Randoms are going on trips, coming back from trips, and in general, are dealing with whirling dervishes for brains. Below is my whirling dervish about all things writing:

1) The Little House on the Prairie series had a profound effect on me. My dad read the series to me and my brothers when I was younger; I took over reading it when I was old enough (maybe age five or six?). I have that same series in my daughter’s bookshelf, waiting to read it to her, and for her to then read it to me. I. Cannot. Wait.

2) My desk looks like dragon vomit–if the dragon ate a library and paper supply store. I’ve really got to clean it up. I can’t work too well with a messy desk. Can’t think too well, either.

3) Someone told me the other day they write their books in long-hand, and then they type them. Can you feel the shudder of revulsion that’s still going through me?

4) I don’t know how to start my next book, and I think that I finally figured out the problem last night while reading Us Weekly. The moral? Save yourself hundreds of bucks in writing books and just sign up for a weekly subscription to US Weekly. Or OK. Or Star. (Not People. That one you’ve gotta actually read, and that may take up valuable brainstorming brain cells.)

5) I’ve finally started the last Harry Potter (a new baby, new house, and new state have kept me from it) and I’m just not feeling it. I’m 150 pages in and I’m half-tempted to ask the hubby (who read it last year) to give me the Cliff Notes version. I’m not, but I’m tempted.



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