Random Q&A: Tiffany

Sometimes, The Randoms enjoy being, well, random. So for the Random Q&A this time around, we’re talking to a YA reader. But she’s not like us girls at the The Randoms–you know, “old.” Tiffany is a youthful 12 years old and lives in New Hampshire. She loves playing video games and reading books, and thinks YA historical writers should just call it quits (somehow, though, I think Angie’s books will change Tiffany’s mind). Just what kind of books does a girl like Tiffany read and want to read? Let’s take a look:

1) What is your favorite book? Why?

Oh my, my favorite book would have to be Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I mean, who has read it and does not LOVE it!!! I first read the book when I was on a plane flying from Seattle to Charlotte. It was Saturday the 26th. (I still have the plane ticket as a book mark!!) I read it straight through. It was thrilling. The adventure of young Harry Potter. Yes, this is my favorite book. Well for now, but there are hundreds of books out there. Ones that I will never get my hands on. I love the adventures of people, but J.K. Rowling makes it come to life. She takes you on a extraordinary and peculiar journey.

2) When you’re at the library, how do you choose a book? Title? Genre?

Hmm, well choosing a book is hard. I usually look in young adults and adults. When I find an interesting book, with an eye catching title, I look at the comments, and the reviews. I look for books that are more unknown. Ones that people do not know. I find some of those to be the best. Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, most kids have not read that book. It is a good book, and I think more people should travel the world with characters in books. Go on an ocean experience through Bethany Hamilton’s eyes. I am drawn to books about people’s horrible experiences. Crud that they have to live with. Things that go terribly wrong. I love books that teach you about life, and which path you want to take.

3) What kind of books do you hate to read? Why?

I hate to read books about History. One thing most authors get to much fact, they have long dull sentences. I mean, you want the reader to be a little bit interested. Could they at least make it sound fun and a little bit interesting? Some authors are fine writting about History. But others, they are just dull. Which is why they are not well known authors.

4) When you read, what else do you do? Eat marshmallows, listen to the radio, etc.?

When I read, I go chill in my room. I turn on the radio and sit with my best friend (America’s Best Friend) food. Maybe a bowl of Green Mint Chocolate Chip, a bowl of Vanilla. Some whole wheat crackers, maybe some fresh homemade bread…. yum. And of course, a tissue. Just in case, you never now when your favorite character gets killed in a horrible accident!

5) What’s your idea of the perfect book? Would there be swordfights, a mystery, a talking dragon??

My idea of the perfect book would be the unexpected. A bunch of twists all thrown together. A perfect book with great words, and mind boggling events. In the perfect book their would be sad dreary endings. Not a happy, predictable one. In the perfect book their would be amazing conflicts. The book would have to be based on something that you could learn from. Not obvious though. Something the readers would think about. Well that is a few ideas of the perfect book….well for my taste.

Tiff, thanks for the interview! And here’s hoping there are a lot of books with sad, dreary endings in your future!



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4 responses to “Random Q&A: Tiffany

  1. Tiffany,

    I LOVE Are You There God… I still have the tattered copy I read and reread and pretty much salivated over during elementary school. The husband’s not allowed to touch it, just in case the binding decides to finally pull apart that final millimeter. :o)


  2. Thanks Tiffany! I loved reading your interview. I swear I am NOT a boring history writer!! :0) I’m with you on the sad, dreary endings. Things can’t be too happy AND be real. Come back to the 5 randoms soon!

  3. Tiffany

    By the way YOU ARE NOT OLD!!
    That is almost like the begining of the second stage of your life. 0-25 you are getting your life sorted out. Finding out what you want to do or become. 25-40 you are getting settle and are in a stabble enviorment. You probally have a family by then. 40-45 you are begining to settle down. 45-110 you are begining to have new needs. You might have signs of getting old. That is when you like to eat prunes. Who knows why.

  4. Uh oh. I already like prunes. Seriously, the Ones are kinda tasty 🙂

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