Random Q&A: Melissa Marr

With her New York Times Bestseller WICKED LOVELY being translated into all sorts of languages and distributed around the world, author Melissa Marr has been busy promoting her new novel, INK EXCHANGE, fresh on bookstore shelves. While anxiously waiting the book’s release date, Melissa took a few minutes out of her harried life to answer some questions for The 5 Randoms.

1)  Two weeks before its release, Ink Exchange went into a second printing. What was the first thing that went through your mind knowing so many people had already bought your book?

Mostly a jumble of fear and worry. I don’t want to let down my readers or my publishers, so I hope the book doesn’t disappoint all of those people. I’m very grateful for the support, and I’m hoping I don’t fail those readers.

2) Which do you prefer, writing the first draft of a manuscript or revising until it’s ready for your editor’s eyes?

I prefer whichever one I’m doing that day. I love the whole process. I’m a word geek. I like everything from conceptualizing to major overhaul to tweaking to comma checking. The only part that really evokes the angst is [the book’s] initial release. Logic and memory say I’m a ranting fool in other parts too. [As I wait for Ink Exchange to come out], I’m going over revisions for Enthralled (book three) and first pass galleys for Love is Hell (an anthology), but that all feels like good fun.

3) Take us through a day in the life of Melissa Marr.

It’s varied. This week:

-wake up, get Son ready for school, walk Son and Puppy Drusilla to school, tell Dru that we must leave Son there, walk some more, and go home.

-then I go with either Plan A (Make tea. Check email. Write.) OR  Plan B (Nap until afternoon. Make tea. Check email. Write.). This depends on whether I slept the night before or stayed up working.

-mid-afternoon, collect Son. Time with him. Collect Daughter. Time with her. Eventually dinner, and then working. If I’m not in revisions or away or dedicated drafting, there are pleasant workouts and bubble baths and roaming in there. Right now, I’m kind of hectic though. It’s all relative to the deadlines and events schedules.

4) When you were a teenager, was there a book that had a lasting impact on you? If so, what was it that stuck with you, and why?

Probably the book that I cherished and was most influenced by was the biography of Jim Morrison.  It was through that book that I found Rimbaud, which led to Baudelaire, which led to Nietzsche, which led to Kierkegaard. After that discovery trail, I became a serious pattern reader. I used one book to springboard into others. I liked Faulkner, so I read Hemingway. I liked Rossetti, so I read Browning. I think that habit was first obvious to me when reading the Morrison bio.

5) When you enter a bookstore, where does your automatic pilot take you: the YA section, or adult section? And which genre do you lean toward as a reader?

I go to whichever section is in front of me. I read across the store/library/genres. Aside from self-help or inspirational, I’m pretty open to most sorts of books. I like folklore, classic lit, romance, YA, urban fantasy, mystery, women’s studies, world religion/philosophy, contemporary fiction, some military history, once in a while a horror or middle grade novel, every so often a chick-lit book. My tastes are pretty wide.

For more Melissa, visit her site or blog.


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