Susan’s Randoms: Arguing with Myself

As I work on a paranormal series idea, I’ve been fighting with myself regarding what kind of book I want to do. Here are some of those fights, for those in the blogosphere to snicker and point at:

1) Here’s the argument I’m having with Myself about doing a humor vs. non-humor book:
Me: I really love the banter on Buffy. You should really do something along those lines.
Myself: But if I write something Buffy-esque, editors are going to think I’m writing chick lit. [Under her breath, she adds: Not that there’s anything wrong with that.]
Me: Chick lit YA sells.
Myself: A lot of chick lit YA gets submitted every month. Heck, every week. I mean, do I have it in me to stand out from the chick lit crowd?
Me: That’s between you and your other voices.

2) Here’s the argument I’m having with Myself about doing a Twilight-esque book:

Me: So, Twilight did well. I’ve seen YouTubes of the Twilight movie set. Having one of my books turned into a movie would be cool.
Myself: You’re sort of jumping ahead of yourself.
Me: Don’t bring Yourself into this. I can barely handle you.

3) Here’s the argument I’m having with Myself about doing a Twilight-esque book, Part 2:

Me: Do I have it in me to go dark?
Myself: You like reading James Patterson. And those suspense writers, Tess Gerritsen and Lisa Gardner. Go for it!
Me: Can I still have funny stuff in a dark novel?
Myself: You have read Twilight, right? And Buffy wasn’t exactly puppy dog tails and cotton candy. Remember the ventriloquist dummy episode…?
Me: Shut up, shut up, shut up! I told you never to bring up that episode again. Now I’m going to have to steal the baby’s nightlight so I can sleep tonight.

4) Here’s the argument I’m having with Myself about how old my heroine will be:

Me: I see this as a four-book series. Freshman, sophomore, junior, senior.
Myself: That means starting your protagonist at age 14.
Me: Exactly.
Myself: Are you giving her a love interest?
Me: Uh, yeeeeaaaah. Dumb question there.
Myself: A serious love interest?
Me: Is there any other kind?
Myself: Fourteen’s sort of young to fall into someone that deeply. Plus, you might get banned by the parents of fourteen year olds, thinking you’re condoning serious relationships at age fourteen. Sixteen seems to be a better age. An age that parents can see their kids getting involved with someone.
Me: You have a point.
Myself: [blows on fingernails, polishes them on shirt]
Me: I said you had a point. I didn’t say you were right.

5) Here’s the argument I’m having with Myself after reading agent Kristen Nelson’s 3/31/08 blog in which she’s sick of reading paranormal proposals in which the mom and dad are dead:
How can you sneak out of the house to fight a vampire/witch/demon if both parents are home?
Myself: Exactly.




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2 responses to “Susan’s Randoms: Arguing with Myself

  1. Your myself is much kinder to you than my myself which usually says things like, “Sheesh, what does it matter anyway? No one reads anymore, now go downstairs and have some chocolate.”

    Now if I could only get myself to get on those revisions my editor just sent . . .

  2. Janette,

    I’m still waiting on my editor’s revisions, so maybe that’s why Myself still has a half-glass-full outlook. :o)


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