5 Random Reasons to Read This Book: Jinx, by Meg Cabot

1) Jinx is not like Charmed or Bewitched or The Craft–in a good, non-cliched way. Everyone loves a good witch story, and Jean “not Jean Marie or Jeanine or Jeanette or even Jeanne” Honeychurch has one. She can’t wave a hand and fling a demon across the room (Charmed), twinkle her nose (Bewitched), or smooth her hair back and make it blonde (The Craft), but she can put coins in the corners of a room and a doll in a freezer and disable a bad witch’s powers. You know, like witches do in real life.

2) The heroine has been a naughty girl. She’s done something wrong and is hiding out from her mistake. And who of us hasn’t done something wrong at one time or another? Sadly, I never had a Manhattan townhouse, a private school, and a cute guy waiting for me to run to. Sniff.

3) There’s an evil villain that would make a Mean Girl soil her pants. There aren’t too many teen books that have truly certifiably insane villains in them. Meg doesn’t rely on girl catfights to up the tension. She uses a bona fide freakshow of a person. Right on, Meg!

4) You’ll learn spells that you can use on other people. Okay, not really, but you’re given a good idea about what’s involved if you’re bored one Saturday night, dateless and lusting over the high school quarterback.

5) Jinx has already been snatched up by Hollywood–always a good indication that a book’s a great read. According to Meg, ABC Family is turning it into a movie. Woohoo! It’ll be nice to see something than Au Pair for the 999th time.

P.S. This book is intended for readers in 7th grade and above.



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